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  She was the sad young face that won so many fans over a few years ago in movies like Burning Heart, Beyond The Song, Into Temptation and Without Apology. Her stock however had already risen before all that when she appeared in the massively popular and critically acclaimed Andy Amenechi's Egg of Life where she starred opposite the inimitable Clarion Chukwura Abiola, Nollywood Legend Pete Edochie, Ebele Okaro Onyuike and co-emergent stars Georgina Onoha and Nkiru Sylvanus. while the likes of Nkiru Sylvanus went on to become superstars, Padita gradually disappeared from the scene. Reason was not the lack of talent but opportunities. Padita had made the decision of finishing her degree course at the University of Abuja. it was a move that took her away from Lagos and Enugu the centers for movie production in. Denied of opportunities to push her talents Padita stuck on picking a few roles here and there until she finished her course.
 She made a brief come back in Reginald Ebere's   beside, Francis Duru, Queen Nwokoye and Ngozi Ezeonu where she shone like a million stars. And suddenly Padita disappeared again. This time she headed off to the New York Film Academy Los Angeles campus to update her acting skills. She came back and teemed up with Tu-Face Idibia to shoot one of his musical videos and now Padita is ready to take her pride of place amongst her class of A-list Actresses. Padita is preparing to go on set with her new sitcom aptly titled "NERDITA" We hear that the contract to produce the script was snared by the team at THESCRIPTFACTORY and work on it is almost complete. Shoot is scheduled to start sometime between September and October.

"NERDITA" we hear is completely different from whatever is on air. It is an American style sitcome that chronicles the life of a bumbling nerdy young woman who succeeds despite not having any plans for her life.


My friend Malike Benyelia, publisher of Business Diary Magazine,came in from Cameroon to see me. She had asked to see and interview some behind the scenes people in Nollywood and in Music and I was more than honored to take her around. Her international magazine wanted to do a feature on the business side of the burgeoning Nigerian entertainment scene. We had just finished talking with Francis Onwochei, Actor Director, Producer and CEO of FRANKOCHEI Productions and I'd suggested that we head off to Johnson Davidson's HEAVY METAL STUDIOS to talk with him. If you know HEAVY METAL Studios, you will know that it is a hot bed of emerging talents. This was where some heavy weight musicians cut their teeth and learnt their craft. The likes of D banj, Sam Okposo, Rymzo and several others hung out here. Alex O, Adu Deme whom we featured a few weeks back on this blog are working on their recent effort here too. But what really caught our attention when we got here was the number of new talent that are flowing out of this music factory in the heart of Surulere. Here are three of them. And bear in mind taht this is the studio that has just uploaded KRYSTAL Nigeria's new answer to Beyonce.



This young gentle dude from Iludin Oro in Kwara State is an awesome talent. Third child in a family of four, he attended Amukoko Grammar School and graduated from Laspotech where he read Business Administration. Destiny took his first music bite in primary five when he started playing drums in his school's cultural dance programs. He also used to mimic and mime Daddy Showkey's hits in local performances. but his life changed forever when his uncle Otunba Biodun Ajiboye whom he ran to for help in producing his first album post college, sent him to Johnson Davidson to acquire professional skills. Since then he has spent four years honing his skills and has in that period become a sound engineer and music producer. Destyno who plays an enthralling brand of music he calls Fuji hip hop has finished work on a six tracker that is about splicing the air waves in two. He is signed on to FAT RECORDS label owned by TRAC who is also the owner of PLATINUM TV. Watching him perform the title track TEMI one cannot help but notcie the remarkable resemblance in looks and style between him and Wiz Kid, a resemblance that he says is his biggest problem.
"Any song i drop now, everybody will think it is Wiz that has come out with something else"


He is from Arochukwu in Abia State although you will never know it by looking at him. that is because he grew up in the tough neighborhood of Iganmu were he caught his musical teeth at age twelve. that came about when he moved in with ghetto comedin McCarthy. "I used to perfrom with him in his shows as a rap artist but I wasn't very good at it and when  I discovered that I was more of a story teller and I had a melodic voice i deviated into contemporary R&B and a bit of high life mixed with rock.The young man who seriously wants to be an Agricultural Engineer, strange career choice really for a musician has had a bite of the cherry before now when he released his first single OFU OBI, English translation, ONE MIND some three years ago. The song was so massive that it garnered a Nigerian Music Video Awards nomination. Kesh right now is set to launch out again with an album, "IFEOMA", a throw back of Felix Lebarty's IFEOMA of the nineties as title track. KESH is a multi instrumentalist and has engineered and produced other musicians like LKT- Faraway, RUGGED MAN-How Fast and FACE-Tatoo Girls.
"I see myself as a messenger of truth and positive change in the music industry. i admire Fela for his originality, Sunny Nneji for his rythmns and rymes and Tu-face because i think his lyrics are deep. I am inspired by God, my parents and boss here at Heavy Metal Studios Johnson Davidson who has given all of us a platform to become something in life." IFEOMA is scheduled to drop before the end of this year.

Palison Joe

He is not by any stretch of the imagination the first musician from Emelaghan Abua(ABOLGA) local government area of Rivers State as hi brother DJ Kris is ahead of him and several others but Palison Joe is on the verge of becoming the best known. What with his single YOLO ready to drop anytime soon. YOLO simply means You Only Live Once which relates to the fact that life is a gmble and you must take every chance you get and make the best use of them.
From a family of seven, six boys and one girl, Palison is the fourth and embarked on his musical journey when he voluntered for and wrote his secondary school's song entry for the Ebony Cultural Festival for Secondary Schools in Rivers State. The song won teh competition and Palison's legend was born. From there, it was only a natural progression into the larger world of music for the Business Administraton graduate of the Yaba College of Technology..
" God has blessed me with a talent. It will be a major sin if I do display that talent to the world and make people happy. that is why it was given to me in the first place and that is why i am into music."
Palison's brand of music is R&B with a touch of Afro Hip Hop
"We are still working on the album but right now we have 7 out of the 13 songs ready and we are ready to start promoting one of teh singles that will be on the album YOLO. I really think that the Nigerian Music scene is improving everyday. We are ready to take over the wrold and i want to be one of those who will help in accomplishing that.
These guys are ready to explode and like HEAVY METAL'S pay off says Their music is Audio/ Videos beyond imagination. 

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