Thursday, 19 July 2012


There is no picture of Kate Henshaw where she is not grinning. Her smile simply lights up every dark spot around her. It took us a lot of searching to find one of her pictures where she was wearing a straight face. In every situation she simply looks to be the happiest NOLLYWOOD STAR alive. It has taken almost two decades for Kate to come to this point in her life. Right now she is as refined as Gold. It has not always been smiles for the Iconic star. It takes hardwork and a lot of heat to refine gold and i know that kate has put in a lot of hardwork and has taken a lot of heat to become the glittering finished gem she has become.
The story of how I met her and how we worked together to launch our careers and produce the two success stories we both have, is one that she and i have told so many times. I do not need to go into that all over again. I just want to take out time to salute a woman touched by star dust, a woman who keeps smiling despite all that the world has thrown at her, a woman who keeps standing when others have slumped. an icon of Nollywood and a leading light to the generations behind. Dear Kate, this is saying Happy birthday and may your remaining years continually be filled with laughter and sunshine and yet more laughter. THE SCRIPTFACTORY wishes you the best.

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