Wednesday, 19 December 2012


NKIRU SYLVANUS SSA to the Imo State Government.
It is not news anymore that Nollywood actress Nkiru Sylvanus was kidnapped alongside 2010 Mr Nigeria, Kenneth Okolie from a set she was working on in Owerri, the capital city of Imo State. Neither is it news that the kidnappers have made contact and demanded a ransom of a hundred million Naira. The government and security forces are carrying out their investigations and making plans on how to rescue the young woman.
What is new however is that angst had been growing against Ble Ble who is an Ngwa girl from Abia State in Owerri. Citizens of the state have been asking why a girl who hails from Abia State who does not reside in Owerri was put in charge of the Lagos Laison Office of Imo State and was recently given another portfolio to manage in Owerri.
Of recent however more un-confirmed rumors have emerged that Nkiru has over the past few years been involved in a relationship with somebody high up in government in Imo State and that the eminent wife of the VIP had warned her never to set foot in Owerri again. The inferences are that the woman whose marriage is threatened by the presence of the beautiful actress in Owerri and whose husband is so taken by the vixen has decided to teach her a lesson and is bent on making her husband pay for the sinful pleasures he had been enjoying in secret, openly. Nollywood and Nigerians wait with bated breath for the conclusion of this saga. 

Saturday, 8 December 2012


Don Jazzy
This might just be the best kept secret of the Nigerian entertainment industry. In what appears to be a macabre marriage between music and the movies, rumors making the rounds have claimed that Superstar music producer Don Jazzy, real name Michael Collins Enebeli is the son of late Superstar actor Enebeli Elebuwa. Yes these same rumors had surfaced sometime in the past but had been denied by both parties. Don Jazzy even went as far as releasing a picture of the man he calls father.
Enebeli Elebuwa
Don Collins Don Jazzy's alleged father
 A close family member who claimed to have grown up in the same house with Enebeli had alleged that Don Jazzy is actually Enebeli Elebuwa's son. The story goes that the late Enebeli who was on the loose in the early part of his life had been living with Don Jazzy's mother a half illiterate woman called Ngozi who gave birth to the ace music producer in the Badia area of Lagos. After a while the maverick actor checked out on his live in lover and ran off to Greece for sometime. After waiting for Enebeli to come back the distraught new mother moved back to her father's house. She was finally cut off by Enebeli's uncle who had brought Enebeli to Lagos in the first place and sent him to train as railway engineer. She proceeded to bring up the boy on her own.
After Don had made his breakthrough in life he had come back to seek a reconciliation with the late Nollywood star but had been rebuffed by Enebeli who denied knowledge of the existence of a son. To help support the arguement that Don Jazzy is Enebeli's son, insiders say that we should not forget that Enebeli was also a musician. Genes which he must have passed to his son
Question here is who or what do we believe.