Saturday, 1 September 2012


Early thisweek, news broke that Nollywood actor Rich Oganiru had confessed to the murder of his his holding cell at the Kuje. There are allegations that Rich Oganiru who used to bear the surname Azu but changed it to Rich Oganiru in 2005 because it is a negative sounding name, (Azu) means "GOING BACKWARDS" in the Igbo language,  poisoned his wife when he went to visit her at the hospital.

Rich Azu (Oganiru)
Doctors found a poison pill in her system during the autopsy. The nurses also said that they had seen Mrs. Oganiru sleeping some few minutes after Rich had walked out of the ward. Like it plays out in a bad Nollywood movie, Rich who is alleged to like money and comfort to distraction may have poisoned the woman in order to have exclusive access to her wealth. The late business woman who had rescued him from poverty.  As  you read this Rich is still in custody while his wife’s remains has been epoited in the mortuary.

Normally Nollywood would have banded together to fight Rich Oganiru's cause but the Industry seems to be strangely quiet over the incident. The reasons are not far fetched. Rich is not known to have friends because of his arrogance. Informed sources told us that Rich was arrogant to the point of annoyance and made a lot of enemies. He was also known to have been very violent and used to beat his ex wife regularly. He once beat her in Mac Davos hotel Enugu where she had come to visit him on location, for the simple reason that she did not bring money for him. When accosted he had locked the door and beat her some more. Friend had asked her to leave that marriage until she had died in mysterious circumstances.

The same mysteious circumstances has taken the life oif the second wive and Rich is the worse for wear.
The question now is will Nollywood help the embattled actor or will they allow him fight his battles himself.
A starlet whom Rich had crossed in times past said this "He should be allowed to face the music on his own. i don't know the true situation of things. But if he has confessed that he killed the woman, i would noit doubt him. That guy! Something is seriously not right with him. he has a terrible attitude problem."

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