Wednesday, 18 July 2012


As I write and you read this, there are probably over ten thousand actors poised nd ready to pour into Nollywood, the Nigerian movie industry. Most of them will not make it. It simply looks like Nollywood is a closed  industry as producers and directors keep recycling the same actors. If you do not know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody or you are not ready to dish out favors especially in the bedrooms of the powers that be, you might never even get a leg in. The only "easy route" into Nollywood is to find an uncle who has enough money to risk and shoot your own movie. that way you get to star and get noticed.
Now that is the story of the common folk but there is a different class, those that will always make it big whether the doors are closed or not. They thrive on raw talent, raw beauty absolute professionalism and trailer loads of intelligence and determination to succeed. We bring you a couple of them here here. some are very new, some are not so new, some have been around for quite a bit and are making a grand come back. but whatever they are, these are 2 of the female Nollywood stars of the future. And as time goes on in this series, we will keep unveiling others. Watch this space.

Naya Amobi

 A recent graduate of Theatre arts, ex-beauty queen Naya Amobi is set  to take over from the likes of Genevieve Nnaji. Young, vivacious and  shy in equal measure, Naya mixes beauty, intelligence and a  determination to succeed as an actress that is alomst unrivalled  amongst the new entrants in Nollywood.

 She has been around for a very short time but has achieved so much  within that period. Last year she joned the cast of Nigeria's most  popular day soap TINSEL, playing the role of "Nnenna". She is  gradually but quickly gannering a lot of attention. That attention has just  led her to starring in Chimamanda Adichie's HALF OF A YELLOW  SUN. The young princess from the Awka Royal Family, who had also  starred in the traditional block buster THE KING AND THE PRIEST  opposite sex symbol Yul Edochie has a lot of other projects lined up. it  is certainly going to be a busy half  year for Naya as she fully steps into  the lime light.

Sylvya Oluchy
                                                                                                                                                              SYLVYA  OLUCHY

There are a couple of truly naturally talented super actresses in Nollywood. Very few indeed that you can say were born to act. When you are calling the likes of Liz Benson, Genevieve Nnaji, Mercy Johnson, we honestly believe that Sylvya Oluchy's name should be added to that elite list. She has already proven the reason why she is in that list by snaring the Best Rising Star 2012 award at one of the recent Nollywood Movies Award held in Lagos. Before then however she had exhibited her mettle in the award winning soap ATALANTA and a couple of other movies. But her big break came when she starred opposite  Stella Damasus, and Omoni Oboli in the movie BENT ARROWS where she played the role of Idarra, In the movie, Idara, a young girl sent to live with her maternal uncle in Abuja, is brutally raped. When she became pregnant, she is forced to sleep with a doctor as payment for an abortion. Repeatedly abused by men, she becomes hardened and proceeds to use her sexuality to get the finer things of life.It was a role Sylvia delivered with aplomb. Right now she is set to play in the lead role in Reginald Ebere's next movie "OF HUSBAND'S AND WIVES" opposite new leading man OC Ukeje. One of the true new Divas in Nollywood, keep your eye on this one because you will yet see her for a long time to come.

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