Sunday, 22 July 2012


Belinda Effah


Belinda Effah is beautiful. That word can be used for just about anybody these days but only a few people carry the true meaning of the word in their lives and their personalities. Belinda is one of such. The first time I met her was at the National Theater. The Guild of Producers were holding an event and a friend had finally coaxed me to come out from my social hibernation and attend.Sylvya Oluchy had brought her over and introduced her. She did not waste one minute as she took my hand and we became friends. i was struck by her humility and friendly disposition more than her beauty which is what a lot of people focus on first. All afternoon we talked about the industry and her ambitions. That meeting was not the first time I was seeing Belinda however. I'd seen her competing in the 2006 edition of THE NEXT MOVIE STAR where she put up a credible performance and came in 5th. This graduate of genetics and biotechnology moved on from there and became a television presenter with music channel SOUNDCITY and later LUNCHBREAK WITH BELINDA . Much as the television presentation job gained her a lot of recognition and exposure, her heart still lay on the silver screen. She made her come back in the soap TALES OF EVE and have gone ahead to star in more movies. she has just finished work on Uduak Oguamanam's.multi lingual (Ibibio/English) KOKOMA, a movie that was directed by Tom Robson, where she played opposite Ini Ikpe, Ekere Nkangha, and Ifeanyi Kalu. The movie is scheduled to be released in August by Emem Isong's Royal Arts Academy 
 Belinda's journey has picked up steam and this rising star is one to watch


the organisers of the scriptfactory/generationnext short film writing competition have announced the extensions of entries for the competition. Reginald Ebere speaking said they have taken the step due to the volume of entries that are still coming even after the official closing date which had been set for the 15th of this month. The extension is up till the 30th of July. For those who have not submitted their scripts yet and are desirous of entering for the competition, they can still forward soft copies of their scripts and their details to a new date for teh announcement of results and teh giving out of the prices have not been announced yet.


The Scriptfactory Nigeria's foremost script company has opened a script sales arm. Speaking to the press the president of the outfit Reginald Ebere said that the arm was opened to help represent screen writers. "We get a lot of requests from writers looking for how to sell theIr scripts, and since we have a relationship with producers, we have decided to create a synergy between the two groups. what we plan to do is post a synopsis of these scripts on our blog pages and also pass same to all producers as the need arises and negotiate for the sales of these scripts on behalf of the writers. This effectively means that we are activating our script sales agency." 
So if you are a writer and you have scripts for sale consider sending them to thescriptfactory.   

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  1. Hello Reginald Ebere,
    Who can we name as the 20 beauty queens of Nollywood?
    You are an authority in this field as an accomplished Nollywood filmmaker who has been casting hundreds of starlets for Nollywood movies.