Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Lillian Bach
Over the past week the rumor mills and the soft sell media has been awash with stories of  beautiful, exquisite diva and Nollywood actress, Bola Lilian Bach's secret wedding to her rumoured lover, identified as Island big boy, business consultant Alaka. The duo were rumored to have sneaked off to a secret location  and gotten married.
The reports appear to be false however because this writer was with Lillian two weeks ago just before she left for England for holidays and to watch the Olympics. Also yesterday we spoke with her in her Span base where she is  also holidaying. and this is what she had to say.
" I am truly pained by all these silly and mischevious reports. Getting married is a good thing and I am a public figure. There are expectations on me and I have a lot of  people who  are looking up to me as a role model. If I am to get married I will make a lot of noise about it and invite all the people that I can. I have not gotten married. When I do the press will be the first to hear about it. They have been my friends in my growth through Nollywood, sometinmes I know that they get overzealous in their reports but that is to be expected especially when people are starved of news and right now I think they are. I am not willing to dignify the reports with any angry response''

When we contacted the said Alaka (Not even his real name) he smiled and saiid "Lillian and I have been friends for quite a while but that is as far as it goes. She is a good woman and like any other woman is hoping to get married someday and I wish her all the luck. as for us getting married that is absolute rubbish. I am here in Lagos and she is wherever she is."
Meanwhile Lillian had already moved into her new house in Lekki and  said she would put the place fully together wehn she comes back from her holidays. The actress who has not done much for a while now is set to appear in  new soap DAIRY OF A HOOD when she returns.


Enugu State Governor Sullivan Chime
Reports reaching us now indicate that the Vice Chancellor of Enugu State University of Science and Technology Professor Cyberil Onyeji has just been kidnapped. The reports say that the kidnappers who came in two cars, a PEGEOUT 407 car and another smaller one, in a Kamikaze move had blocked the Vice Chancellors official black tinted Peogeout  in  front of the school gate, jumped into the car and drove off with the three cars but not before they shot one of his security detail in the arm. From what we have gathered so far the security man is still alive but no news has been heard about the VC and the kidnappers have not made any contact.
We will keep you updated as we recieve further reports

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