Friday, 28 June 2013


Ms Juliet Ibrahim
I have watched with interest the hate drama that is unfolding over the unfortunate illness of one of Nigeria's finest musicians and music producers OJB Jezreel. I say unfortunate because OJB seems to be a man beset by too many problems and Juliet seems to be girl hated by Nigerians for her bluntness. I have followed OJB's stellar rise in music and I admire all the good stuff he has done. I will contribute my mite in seeing that he stands on his feet again and continue to make good music.
I am writing this basically because of all the hating that is being poured out on one of our own, Juliet Ibrahim. I have found out that Nigerians are very touchy, emotional people and even though we diss our country continually, we become upset when Ghanians in particular tell us the truth. Juliet did not say anything wrong when she talked about people wasting money to secure treatment abroad when things can be done cheaply in Africa.
Sick Ojb Jezreel
Kidney transplant can be done and is being done in Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital for 2.5 million Niara by some of the best doctos in Africa. check out this site. It costs 8million Naira in any roadside hospital in India. Factor in cost of tickets and hotel accomodation for all the people that will accompany OJB to India and you find out that it will be a colossal waste. Now what is the guarantee that the operation will be successful in India and it will not be in Nigeria?
Ok i should not be commenting on this at all but Juliet is part of Nollywood and I have set myself up as somebody who will always open his loud mouth when it concerns the Nollywood/Ghollywood fraternity.
I think we all are being unfair to the young woman. Like she rightly observed every celebrity or to use the right word "Public Figure" also has responsibilities. When we all are making our monies and tooling around in our Range Rovers we do not go around dishing out cash to anybody. But when we fall sick agents that call themselves start trying to use the opportunity to make more money off the public. What about the hundreds of people who are dying everyday from renal sicknesses and kidney problems. What about the children whose pictures are placed on our television screens begging for money to get treated. Are they also not Nigerians and do they not deserve the right to live. We should stop trying to crucify Juliet for telling us what we don't want to hear and concentrate our energies on helping everybody we can, celebrity or not. If as she claimed she had asked the agents of OJB to contact her foundation so they can help secure cheaper transplant options for OJB, I think she has done a noble thing and I commend her courage for speaking out on this sensitive situation. All those who think she has also spoken out of turn should head off to OJB's house and give their widows mite. OJB and the rest of our sick folk can be treated in Nigeria, Ghana or South Africa. I do not understand the love for India when most of those who have gone have come back in coffins. Enebeli Elebuwa is a case in point. I also pray for OJB and wish him God's speed in his recovery.  


  1. Sometimes,we need to keep our opinions to ourselves,especially on sensitive issues like this.what juliet ibrahim would have done is contact the right people in charge of OJB's cause and not just airing her views on social media...its like seeking for attention anyway,totally uncalled one is hating on her.she aired her opinion and people are doing same too.period!

  2. She gat no brain

  3. Instead of all of you attacking her I suggest we direct our attention to the dying man. She has said her opinion and though I didn't like it at first I'd say my mind somehow is changed now putting myself in her perspective. I don't think she said anything wrong again these are the times we need to get patriotic as africans and go for things done in africa that's the way we as a continent can move forward. Instead of him waiting for his funds and then visa to travel and then his ticket, accomodation in hotel and all when he prolly needs health attention immediately, why doesn't he get a surgery half the price in any credited hopital in Africa. Why does he have to travel all the way and still not even have a guarantee that his life would be saved. Let's think and stop attacking the young lady for there's some merit to the suggestions she made.

  4. This is not the time to trade words. Sometimes should never have been said.