Friday, 19 April 2013


Ibinabo Fiberisima
President Actors Guild Of Nigeria AGN
Good afternoon sr,pls i want to take part in ur movie i have being in one movie production as an up coming actress & i have acted in one movie.
Agatha Emmanuela
Bro please help to as d agn lf this is true.i joined a movie production since and it has been pay this pay that.  After paying agn licence, i paid for agn id card and i also paid for movie traning and now they are asking me to pay for NNPC certificate so i ask what is this for, they said is for d president and governor to welcome me and insure me after traning and they said is 20,000 so please help to me to verify from agn.

Reginald Ebere
there is nothing like agn license and i have never heard of anything like nnpc license. what is the name of this movie production unit and who is in charge of it?
Agatha Emmanuela
Walehadekunleproduction and mr gregory wilson d manager of agn .u can also ask yuledochie because he have a when i write to his production he said yes.

Now i will stop the converstaion there. This is part of what we have been talking about. We are calling our lovely President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria and the leaders of all the other guilds that are in charge of Nollywood. These criminals are not faceless now we at least have a name. However I am not a member of the Actors Guild Of Nigeria so i do not know when they developed affiliations with NNPC that the apex organisation in charge of petroleum matters in Nigeria are the ones who now determine which artiste will act in a movie and have also become so proficient that they now hand out certificates. I also don't know which Governor of which state is in charge of insuring actors or maybe i have gotten the whole conversation wrong. The young woman said that she is based in Asaba.
Somebody help me judge.



    1. Na wah o.... I don't believe this rubbish is still going on in AGN. Kai it's very sad indeed!

    2. Elder Johnson Madumere20 April 2013 at 03:19

      The person in charge of this Wale Adekunle productions tried and crucified over a slow fire. taking advantage of unsuspecting young women is reprehensible. Maybe that is how the leaders of agn came to the fore, that is why they are not speaking out about this. hiding what is going on in your house is not the way to make it go away. a rat does not go away where there is free food unti you either kill him or chase him away

    3. Reginald in as much as i hate to be part of this dastardly act been perpetuated in the Industry i have decided to add my voice to this article because if we all do not act now like you said in your earlier note then the blame will be on us all. Please let it be on record that the ASABA case in question have actually brought about this ghostly principalities that has gradually eaten up the industry.. Note that it is not only in ASABA that this norm is being planted but rather all outlet where auditioning is being carried out within the length and breath of this country. ASABA might have just assume this high proportion of inhuman treatment melted out to upcoming act but it should be known that in as much as the issue of ASABA is generating this ugly response now, let us all check ourselves because it goes around all of us. Let the President of AGN try her best right now because the rot in the industry if really open will open a can of worm that even she herself must have also help in promote in time past. we are gradually losing everything from good story to good actors the only thing that matters now is SWAGS....swag an air of indecency that is presently consuming a whole lot of things in the industry... i think it is high time AGN do more than just registering members just for the money and yet the welfare of the member is never protected. Because of this ASABA Scenario we have long way walk past the era of discovering the future of the industry who will fill the space that will be left behind in the no distance time by the likes of Omotola and Genevieve but rather keeping going for selling faces who can't even express themselves in simple English and unfortunate desperadoes who after sleeping with half baked producers will only go around and start dictating to others even going to the point of fighting genuine producers because their foundation into the industry was faulty..... in as much that there is alot to say in respect to this ugly ASABA issues..... i will not want to over flog the issue but rather will want to appeal to all those who have the love of the growth of the industry at heart should quickly put their hand on deck to help fight this monster that is about to consume us all.

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