Sunday, 29 July 2012



Her name is Chinenye but she prefers to be simply called KRYZTAL. If you have not heard that name before, remember that you are hearing it for the first time here and I can gurantee you that you will not forget it in a hurry. KYRZTAL is set to take over both the music and the movie sectors. Did this beautiful utterly charming and ever smiling young lady drop from the blues?, not really. She has worked her way up from her early days, singing in her  church choir here in Lagos until she hit the levels of being in the Star Quest reality musical show and coming in at the second position with her group THE HARMONICS.

Those are her beginning credentials because Kryztal has pushed her game to another level entirely. She is looking at going through the stratospshere. This writer has had the priviledge of listening to KRYZTAL's yet to be released debut effort and can attest to the fact that it is way beyond what some of the new superstars have put out into the market. Her music is a cross between House, rock with elements of RB and a distinct danceable club, Nigerian sound and beat
But it is not only in the area of music that KRYZTAL has shown her awesome talents but also in Nollywood. Presently working on Johson Davidson's DAIRY OF A HOOD. Unconfirmed reports say she is scheduled to star opposite Nigeria's music leading light Dare Art Alade in a musical movie that will redefine music movies in these parts.

"I am immensely thrilled about the whole development. so many good things are happening at the same time. I thank God that my dreams are coming through but at the same time I can take pride in the fact that I have worked really hard to get to where I am in such a short time and I am willing to give it my best and go all the way."
Good words, well spoken. keep your eye on KRYZTAL as she begins to shine all over the place.

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