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There are a couple of Cameroonian women who are getting set to take over the entertainment industry in Africa and like i said in a previous post, most of them are friends. i have followed thier lives and their successes and though they have cut thier teeth either living in Nigeria or imbibing Nigeria's entreprenurial spirit they are putting what they have learnt to good effect. It is shocking how fast they have grown and are growing and if we are not careful they will come to thE fore quicker than we expected. I have brought you three of them here and i will like this to be a challenge to our women who have become so dependent on their men that they have forgotten that they can stand alone and make something of their lives.
SYL ANIM(fashion designer)

Ms Sylvie Anim of SYL ANIM designs is a one-woman fashion designer to reckon with. SYL ANIM designs is noted for its intricate handmade weave designs. And now SYL ANIM designs has us enamoured with its new Sandals Collection. The sandals are made with African print fabrics like woodine, Holland wax and Ankara wax . The high level of professionalism makes the sandals sexy, stylish and very comfortable. Their beautiful patterns make your feet look beautiful and attractive.  Bamenda born Syl Anim started her professional live here in Nigeria trying to force her way into Nollywood. she acted in a few Nigerian movies not snagging any major roles but while all that was going on Syl started working on her collection off her one room apartment in Yesufi Sanusi street Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere Lagos. While she was struggling to find her feet in Nolywood, Syl  entered for the Battle Of The Run Way competition in the United States where she came secon ad from there Syl has gone on from strenght to strength featuring in the 2011 African Fashion Week, New York. she has suddenly become one of the major African Fashion voices in the world. Syl Anim’s fashion is known for her bold colors and brilliant hand-embroidered designs. She has experimented with a sandal line, but more prominently is known for her runway fashion which is deeply inspired by her African roots. Her edgy designs and cultural chic fashions have wowed fans all over the world while we watch this budding designer gain more notoriety and grow into a powerhouse of African design

Among the special gifts God (whom she worships with no resentment) has blessed Pandita Njoh Eta with, that of a golden voice is the most outstanding. It is with this gift that she praises the Almighty, proof of which those who do not know the US-based Cameroonian gospel singer yet will discover when she releases a much-awaited maiden album early next year. “I’ve all along been interpreting songs done by other gospel artistes, but this time, I have decided to take a step ahead by sharing what God has given me with the rest of the world. This is the first time I’m actually going to be doing something on my own,” Pandita told TIPTOPSTARS on the line to Cincinnati, one of Ohio’s most populous and developed metropolises

According to the University of Cincinnati Pharmacy student, the album shall comprise several message-rich praise songs including Provision, Turning Around, Endless Praise, and Life Don Better. Pandita has thus been making regular trips to Maryland to honour studio recording assignments, working with Cameroonian-born sound maestro Walta Blackson in the process.

Featuring in Supernatural Change, the said album will be popular gospel music singer and entertainment promoter (Executive Producer of the up-coming Cameroon Entertainment Awards, CEA) Sister Maybelle Boma and Anitta Etta. “Achalle and a renowned Nigerian gospel singer whose name I shall only disclose at a designated moment will also be featuring in the album,” the up-and-coming gospel musician told us. Once the album is ready, the artiste herself will be home in Cameroon to introduce it to fellow countrymen and brethren, Pandita announced. Meantime in her base, she will undertake promotion trips to Maryland, Minnesota, California, Massachusetts and an intra-State tour of Ohio where she puts up. Prior to Supernatural Change, Pandita had shined with Life Don Better, a single which she has performed at several Christian and community events.

But, how did this interesting story of unfold? “I started singing in my childhood days when I led my Sunday School Choir. I was encouraged by an aunt of blessed memory who brought me up in the fear of God,” Pandita recounted. She continued: “I have since then been singing, but discovered a few years back that I was rather ministering to people, not just singing. I just realized that I love people, no matter where they come from. To express this love, I have to sing and make them happy all the time.”

When she sings, Pandita among other things encourages people who in one way or the other are in distress. “I bring hope to the hopeless,” she said. “Singing also dismisses despair when I find myself in such a situation and helps me appreciate the love of Christ and God’s goodness better,” Pandita also explained.

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Two years ago when Sandrha told me she was giving up her law course to pursue a course in the pebble strewn path of the movies i thought she was absolutely insane. She was on the verge of flying into Enugu the capital of Enugu state from Cameroon to shoot a movie with me. I was afraid that she was going to make a major mistake. There were too many broken dreams along the path to success in Nollywood and i did not want to carry her disappointments on my conscience so i discouraged her from coming. but Ms Kiven is not one to be scared by challenges. She went ahead and struck out on a journey that has led her through the Los Angeles Campus of the New York Film academy and has led her to proudcing and acting in her own movie, Yefon is the story of  a smart and beautiful African girl with a passionate heart and big dreams of a better future; dangerous dreams for a woman in a village governed by a traditional male regime that sees women as the inferior gender. In this darkness, Yefon sees a bright light, Nancy, an American woman escaping from a traumatic past. In her, Yefon finds a friend, but everything goes south when Yefon is framed and sentenced to death, now Nancy must do everything to save her friend's life.
Her drive and passion is set to inspire a generation of Cameroonian movie makers especially the women who are knocking on the doors of Nollywood and beyond. Raise your hands Cameronian women and take a bow. This is for you.

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